ABOT provides safe, automated box cutting at the lowest possible cost.

Improve speed and reduce costs with our innovative patent pending design. ABOT handles box positioning and clamping for random box sizes, improving both stability and cut quality. Depth of cut and height of cut can be set manually relative to the top of the box. ABOT cuts on all four sides or on two or three sides.

ABOT requires 120 VAC on a standard 20 A circuit (other voltages available on request). Actual amp draw is low and used only when boxes are being cut. Because ABOT uses no air, we have eliminated the trouble and expense of maintaining compressors and air supply systems. ABOT installs quickly and can be run from a standard shop extension cord.

An automatic induct function receives boxes from a standard powered conveyor. Feed boxes with 2″ gaps and little or no back pressure. Standard TOR is 32 inches and variable. Sections of metering conveyor can be added as an option to work with almost any conveyor feed.

ABOT’s heavy-duty frame is constructed from 3.5 “ tube steel verticals and 6.5″ horizontal channel. Enclosed controls are accessible and distributed throughout the high strength frame members. All controls and I/O points are accessible through a single Ethernet connection. Full remote diagnosis is available.