Experience counts.

We stand behind our products with over 25 years of materials handling experience. Robotica has developed and deployed automated picking, packing, shipping and sorting solutions for some of the largest eCommerce, retail and logistics companies in the world.

We can also provide custom design and consulting services to create solutions tailored to your situation and specifications.

We see opportunities for continuous improvement

We think our innovative, agile product lines give us—and our customers—a competitive edge in the industry. Retail materials handling design and development as provided by our competition has become stagnant. Why should they change? They’re doing well selling complicated systems that carry a lot of overhead in engineering expenses and support requirements.

We knew we had to attack the old paradigms of shipping automation with a new modular approach that shattered the traditional models and methods. We began product pilot testing in 2013, and now we’re ready to launch a new line of instant-on plug and play systems.

Solutions that turn on a dime—and grow into dollars

Robotica’s modular units are easily configurable to handle a wide range of requirements, and are expandable to adapt as those requirements change. Our products are more cost-effective than any other solutions for eCommerce and beyond.

Today our goal is to supply you with entry-level logistics solutions that grow as your company grows–and to give you new automation options for processes that may not have been easily automated in the past.