eSort is material handling made simple
  • Modular components
  • Plug and play
  • Configurable to suit almost any use case
  • Saves money on engineering and programming
  • Instant installs get your line up to speed quickly
  • Easily expandable to grow with your needs
  • Networked modules recognize and communicate with each other
  • All electric—runs on 24V DC power
  • Efficient power transmission
  • Eliminates air compressors and all of the headaches that go with them
  • Needs only two connections: electricity and ethernet
  • Standard modules include conveyor, turn, merge, weigher, scanner and sorter
  • Safe to operate, with user-friendly learning curve
  • Most modules available in stock

eSort is a collection of modular multi-purpose components that plug and play in millions of possible configurations. Our modular, flexible components enhance ROI by reducing or eliminating most engineering and programming costs. The eSort system leverages economies of scale, reducing component cost while enhancing reliability.

Instant-on installs save time and money. Productivity gains start faster with plug and play modules that network, recognize and communicate with each other. Current available standard modules are conveyor, turn, merge, weigher, scanner and sorter. Modules are all electric and never use air. Only two connections are required: 24VDC and Ethernet. eSort gives you the fastest installations in the industry, generating savings long before traditional systems.

eSort is sustainable, with low energy consumption that runs only when packages are present. Power is conserved with most efficient power transmission in the industry. Inefficient air compressors and leaky distribution systems are eliminated. Safe and operator-friendly, with operation on 24VDC and sound pressures below 50 dba.

eSort was designed from the beginning to be adaptable for new types of direct-to-consumer packaging. We have systems available for most ranges of weight and rates. Keep your start-up costs down by buying only as much as you need now. Expand later to handle more rate, more weight and/or destinations.

Most modules are sold from stock, meaning we have your system on the shelf or being built. Click here to contact us or call us now at 844-579-0555 to start saving today.

Transfer modules and zones are complete with controls and logic. Special photo eye arrays detect packages as flat as a postcards.

All Modules and zones have unique identities and communicate via Ethernet IP. All Modules and Zones “know” the Identities of each transfer upstream and downstream.


eSort is the most flexible materials handling system on the market today. Modules are pre-engineered, proven and configurable for many applications.

Scan, conveyor, merge and transfer modules communicate and learn from each other. eSort tracks and sorts with 100% sort verification. Large or small, eSort systems work reliably and require few parts.

eSort line offers several transfer modules to choose from. The Z1 transfer module is built for parcel transfer, capable of handling polybags, envelopes, flats and boxes up to 10 lbs, and the G4 model is suitable for parcels and heavy items. Sort rates range from 30 pieces per minute to 180 pieces per minute.