Because of confidentiality, we can’t show you the names of our biggest customers.

We respect the privacy of all the companies we work with. However, we can give you brief descriptions of some of the locations and firms with installations of our automated materials handling and shipping solutions. Due to the expandable nature of our product lines, many of these operations have added additional equipment to existing systems to handle the high growth rate.

  • At the world’s largest internet retailer
  • In multiple locations at the second largest retailer worldwide
  • At the largest retailer worldwide
  • By an eCommerce start-up (Harvard BS grads) in rapid expansion
  • At multiple locations of a fast-growing 3PL (third-party logistics) corporation
  • In multiple locations at the second-fastest growing 3PL company
  • By a well-known international clothing manufacturer
  • By the largest outdoor products catalog in the U.S.
  • By a major eCommerce company specializing in a seasonal product
  • At a major eCommerce photo printer