Versatile, mobile, fast and expandable.
Parcels come in all shapes, sizes and weights. eSort handles packages up to 28” L x 20” W x 18” H. Heavy 50 lb. items, ½ ounce polybags, envelopes or non-flat packages handled. Available sort rates vary depending on the configuration, and typical sort rates range from 30 pieces per minute to 180 pieces per minute.

Scanners read carrier codes extracting information. eSort handles zone skipping sorting to hundreds of zones.

eSort is expandable, so you can start small on a start-up budget. Expand later with more rate and/or destinations as your business grows.

eSort can be configured for mobile applications. Since eSort doesn’t need air, it can be run with nothing more than an extension cord. Build a mobile system for automated receiving or cross-dock operations.

The patented G4 transfer will handle heavy items together with small lightweight items. The patent-pending Z1 transfer is faster for items up to 10 pounds. Both transfers are plug and play, allowing configurations for both large and small sortation.