Raybot Automated Box Cutter

RAYBOT Automated Box Cutter

The patent pending Raybot is a quantum leap beyond any other automated Tape Seal cutter.

Our automated box cutting machine cuts half-slotted cases on the major and minor flap tape seals with ease. RAYBOT can handle a large range of box sizes in random size order.

A photonic energy beam (laser) does the cutting, so no mechanical force is applied to the box. Jams are eliminated along with force damage to contents and mechanisms. There is no need for clamping to hold boxes in place. Box motion on the conveyor is continuous, while high-speed beam controls cut boxes on the move.

The cut path is laser beam accurate. Box opening quality is improved even on damaged and distorted boxes. Beam penetration is precisely controlled on-the-fly.

RAYBOT eliminates costs for consumable like blades, and stops expensive downtime for blade changes. Energy beam cutting is precise and uniform—no more damage from poor cut quality due to worn blades.